1. Access to the festival is granted by a bracelet issued for presenting a ticket.
  2. The festival grounds is open to guests from 6.00 pm 18th of August until 3.00 pm 20th of August. Being on the festival grounds outside this timeframe is not permitted.
  3. Festival guests must keep to the areas designated for guests.
  4. Rubbish (including cigarette butts) must be put into rubbish bins.
  5. Pets are not permitted on the festival grounds.
  6. The following hazardous items and substances are not permitted on the festival grounds:

knives and sharp objects of any kind, regardless of the length of the blade

weapons of any kind, including non-firearms

glass containers

fireworks, rockets and explosive substances

  1. If necessary, the festival guests and their belongings will be subjected to a security check. If the guest refuses to go through the security check, the security team and the festival organisers have the right to not allow them to the festival grounds.
  2. Making fire is only permitted under supervision at designated places.
  3. The objects on the festival grounds and its immediate surroundings that belong to the festival organisers (e.g. posters, rules, instructions, lighting etc.) may not be damaged or taken. All instances of theft, burglary, violence or other unlawful action will be reported to the police.
  4. Festival guests may not conduct business or sale transactions at the event unless they have former written agreement with the festival organiser.
  5. Nothing may be thrown at the performers or in their direction.
  6. Walking and setting up tents on the private land around the festival grounds and its surroundings is forbidden without the permission of the land owner.
  7. It is strictly prohibited to go swimming while unsober.
  8. Festival guest is not allowed to the event or is expelled from the event if they disturb other guests, behave in a threatening or dangerous manner, do not comply with directions given by the organisers, or under other circumstances that endanger other guests or make it impossible to remain at the festival. Tickets will not be reimbursed for guests who are expelled from the festival grounds for breaking order.