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Velns Viņu Zin is a post metal trio based in Riga, Latvia. Formed in late 2016, the instrumental group has already received numerous awards, such as the title of the best new band of 2018 granted by and the Golden Microphone award in the category of the best rock and metal record of the year in 2019.

Velns Viņu Zin are an up-and-coming ensemble made up of a drummer (Normans), a bassist (Kristaps), and a guitarist (Didzis). Their music takes the audience to a deeper, almost transcendent state of mind with a very soothing take on musical minimalism. There are clearly audible notes of stoner and black metal, the mix of the genres is well executed with their desert-vibed rhythms. With the combination of drums, guitar and bass guitar, the group plays flowing and cosmic sounds.

Their debut album, Posts was released in the spring of 2018 and received the aforementioned Golden Microphone award in 2019. The short debut album consists of five tracks, each with its own face. The band is currently working on a second album, which will most likely be out in 2020.

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