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Talbot is a two-man project from Tallinn, Estonia whose music has been characterized as bordering on doom and industrial metal. Actively conquering the world since 2008, Talbot has been creating a unique soundscape that is­ massive, atmospheric, and noisy with a fair amount of psychedelia to top it off.

Talbot’s uniqueness lies in their ability to masterfully create the powerful illusion of at least a four man band by only using drums, a bass guitar, synths and two sets of vocal chords. Magnus Andre juggles singing, playing bass and synths while Evgeny Mikhailov both sings and plays drums. Together they create one of the most distinguishable sounds in our music scene which is held in high regard by metal-heads and music critics alike. Their flavour of metal music carries with it a special ethereal coldness that is present in Nordic electronic bands such as Fever Ray, but instead of delicate cold stillness, Talbot’s music is more like a rough snow storm.

Talbot released their first EP Tundra in 2008. Slow, gritty and steady, back then early Talbot was more about adding elements resembling death metal to make their musical point. Their first LP EOS (2010) took a step closer to their modern sound and was nominated for Best Metal Album of 2010 at the Estonian Music Awards. The band’s second album Scaled (2013) took what they had from the last album and turned it up to eleven. It also won them the award for Best Metal Album 2013. After a five year hiatus, Talbot returned with Magnetism (2018). With more noticeable electronic elements, but keeping the signature two type vocal setup, their newest LP was received with praise. Magnetism was awarded for Best Metal Album in 2019.

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