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Formed in Seinäjoki, Finland at the end of 2014, Supreme Havoc plays a mixture of sludge, hardcore and doom. This will knock you on your ass! Definitely a treat for fans of looking for something grittier from this festival.

Even though these guys have a strong background in the death, black and doom metal scene, they have always been into D-beat kind of stuff such as punk and hardcore. Listening to their releases gives the audience a sense of impending doom and makes one forget about all that’s pretty and pure. Supreme Havoc has managed to forge a completely unique and brutal sound, combining harsh low tuned guitar riffs, D-beat, sludge and powerful, growling vocals.

So far, the group has released three albums: Spreading the Plague (2015), Disgust/Deathwish (2016) and One and All (2018).

Supreme Havoc - Fatal