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Somali Yacht Club is a stoner rock trio from Lviv, Ukraine. They formed in 2010 as a jam band, but eventually became a steady musical collective of three, whose albums have reached many listeners in the course of a few short years.

Somali Yacht Club is one of those bands who has that inexplicable x-factor. Their music just somehow sounds epic and wraps the listener in tight. Pointing to any single element would not be sufficient to explain it, because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s not the echoed vocals, tender psychedelic guitar nor the rhythmic base that gives them their edge. It’s the x-factor that forms in their synthesis that makes the band’s albums so interesting to listen.

In 2011 they released their first EP Sandsongs. Carrying the vibe of desert rock full of fuzz, the early Somali Yacht Club is drastically different from its contemporary version which is musically more intricate, lighter and diverse. Their full length albums The Sun (2014) and The Sea (2018) have both reached a million views on Youtube. Combining elements from shoegazing, post-metal and even dub without forgetting the fuzz, these albums have broken through even to the other side of the ocean.

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