Festival’s main caterer is ELUJANU


This year the festival’s main caterer is Elujanu!

Originally a pop-up vegan/vegetarian cafe operating during the summer at events and festivals, NGO Elujanu (Thirst for Life) operates as a fully functional food truck. The purpose of their food truck is to propagate through their cuisine a wholesome and sustainable life.

Elujanu mainly serves street food. As sustainability and a wholesome approach to life and food is important to them, they want serve vegan and vegetarian food from as freshly obtained produce as possible. It is important to them that they are able to provide an experience where plant based food is not just a meal minus the meat (like potatoes and gravy without meat), but a wholesome dish that is tasty and does not leave you yearning for something extra. Elujanu likes Middle-Eastern and Indian tastes and aromas, also healthy desserts.

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