Saturn’s Husk en


Saturn’s Husk is a sludge/doom band from the dusky and grim Latvian capital Riga. This instrumental four piece dark collective will rattle your feet and shake your soul. Volume is the weapon, riffs are the ammunition!

Their music is slow, blackened and atmospheric. The ambient elements tie in with sludgy heavy riffs – and when those riffs hit after a while, it’s mighty powerful. The band also stands out for the fact that they have produced their albums on their own. That means the writing, recording, mixing and mastering has all been done by Saturn’s Husk.

With their first album The Great Malefic (2015) the band took an untraditional route. Instead of releasing an EP and concentrating on shows they released a full DIY concept album. The process was arduous and took a full year. The result was a heavy spine-chilling record well worth listening. Their second DIY album Marée Noire (2017) is a sea themed beautifully illustrated concept album that leans more to the dark ambient side than its predecessor. Melancholic and gloomy, the slightly cleaner sound shows us another side to their flavor of doom.

Saturn's Husk - Maree Noire (Full Album 2017)