Attention Little Crocodiles

This is a big year for us - it's the third year of Skeneraator Festival!

Skeneraator is a one of a kind two-day open air Desert Fest held in the entire Baltics region, Russia and Finland. We have collected over a dozen bands from Estonia and neighbouring countries who will caress our senses with psychedelic riffs, sci-fi music from the dark side, a little noise and a touch of sludge. We also promise you black and doom metal with a hint of industrial.

Our fantastic team has worked since September that the upcoming festival in August would be remembered through the entire year!

Three Promotional Events

PROPHETS is the promotional event for Skeneraator Festival, so this year we have planned THREE concerts for you guys. The first PROPHETS will take place on the 9th of February on both floors at Genialistide Club.

The performers are:

debora luha - indie, rock'n'roll - Jõhvi / Tartu

We, you, the futile advisor, have also aimed for the miracle of romance like the much needed sun when circling between bleak air and raw feeling for 1095.73 consecutive laps. About the decor of music, the indecorous is decorous and right is wrong. The Bluethroat's voice from the amplifier behind the solid wood guitar remix (Lauri), the soundtrack, the button and the button (Siim), PaskjaKitarr (Aindri), törts plärts tiri tiri ta tiri tiri and you stopped reading, didn’t you….(Joonas).

Hello Killu - BnD, HQ lo-fi, noise - Tallinn

Hello Killu is "bass and drum" not "drum and bass"

Hello Killu's music is characterized as a pastime, dome, intellectual rock music or minimalist art-blues, and although the members are fond of Kim Gordon and Kate Schellenbach, their music still resembles Hello Killu the most. Before Hello Killu, the girls played with Extrafine and Paul Cole & Ring My Bell.
Hello on bass and Killu on drums.

Liblikas - Progressive psychedelic stoner rock - Tallinn

Liblikas is a heart-warming rock band from Tallinn, who captures their spiritual food from the psy-proge-stoner world. Following the release of the "Mothers' Finest" EP at the end of 2014, the band has toured in Europe with bigger and smaller names in addition to focusing on producing new material.

The new album "Unholy Moly" was released on September 4th. Compared to earlier material, the new album is is more versatile and dynamic in its performance. Desert riffs and guitar harmonies are in sync with keyboard and organ sounds and the vocal inspiration extends from Iggy-Bowie’sque to Gojira and Mastodon.

Nailbite  -  Blackened hardcore - Tallinn

Nailbite is a dark hardcore playing group from Tallinn. Their debut album Myth was released in 2017 and it drew a lot of attention within and outside Estonia. Recently, the band toured the capital cities of the Baltics with the sludge band Trachea during the "Krampus over Baltics".

Hello Killu and Liblikas have performed on earlier Skeneraator festivals so they are perfect for opening this year's first PROPHETS!

Evening DJ's:


Early-Bird tickets are only available at promotional events, these are not sold online. Early-Bird tickets have a unique design and cost 30€.

See you at the next PROPHETS!