Missikisat en


Missikisat is a Finnish rock band formed in 2015 Tampere, Finland. Their music emanates a peculiar 80s retro atmosphere that the band carries with their melodic mixture of classic- and indie rock.

Missikisat are riff worshiping rhythmic and melodic volatile bombs straight from the past and the future. The band offers wild grooves and twisted rhythms that are married together by an unreachable high-up vocalist. Their music has some similarities with Estonian pre-independence rock bands, but their overall emotion that the music carries is more modern. 70s progressive elements are noticeable, but simultaneously dominated by the slight gothic atmosphere of the subsequent decade. People who like their retro sound without psychedelic influences should definitely check this band out.

The collective’s creative effort, having recorded 3 EP’s, is clearly focused on quality not quantity. In 2017, Hantu Belia was released, that has a lot of personality with a drop of 80s synth vibe and progressive riffs. Tiikeri, unveiled in the same year, continued the previous album’s musical themes. In 2018, Harsprånget (Koskipassio) was released which, compared to the previous albums, has a lighter feel-good music vibe.

Missikisat - Kuuhulluus