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Hailing from Finland, Meteor Vortex are joining this year's lineup to fuzz it up. The instrumental heavy psych trio blends its sound with a healthy measure of stoner rock and psychedelic experimentation, being even meditative at times, but bringing sudden change when listeners wouldn’t expect it.

Meteor Vortex plays like a steady blues-fueled train, keeping the rhythm section groovy and simple, allowing the guitar to shine to its fullest. The band takes its time, smoothly transitioning between themes in its drawn out jams and tops it all off with loads of shredding with the occasional saxophone. Having the 70s spirit with a modern heart, Meteor Vortex is a definite breath of fresh air for fans of the genre.

Since their debut in 2016 with Cosmic Labyrinth, Meteor Vortex has held a steady course, releasing a worthy continuation, Absorb/Implode, in early 2018. While staying true to the debuts' sound and approach, the follow-up was already more defined and refined, emphasizing the psychedelic side of the music

Meteor Vortex - Faultline