Maan Tomu en


Formed in Helsinki, Maan Tomu, meaning Earth Dust, had its first incarnation in 2017 as a trio in the spirit of the 60s acid rock scene. With guitars, bass and drums covered, they soon grew into a quintet, adding a wind instruments section to their line-up.

Citing Cream as one of their main influences, Maan Tomu plays long and calculated jams with seemingly no end, being both heavy and meditative. The band has a carefree style with beautiful chanting and melodies covering drawn-out fuzzy riffs, yet leaving room for guitar and flute solos that are a staple in their sound. According to the band, each performance is unique and personal, playing a little differently each time, but leaving the core of their jams untouched.

Maan Tomu has yet to release any official recorded music, but good quality bootleg recordings of their live performances are abundant online.

Maan Tomu - Mustaa Multaa