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Kannabinõid is a doom metal trio from Tallinn, Estonia. Formed in 2009, they play ultra low and heavy stoner doom bordering on drone. Menacing vocals, long meditative tracks and powerful drumming make Kannabinõid’s music unique among Estonia’s metal scene.

In 2012, Kannabinõid released their eponymous debut EP. After some very loud live performances, short hiatus and line-up changes, the group released its first LP Troon in 2016. The LP features a completely different line-up (except for the lead vocalist) and mood from the four track EP. Still, when comparing the two albums there is a noticeable continuation of musical themes and perfecting of their style and technique since the first release. Troon features three excellent extended tracks of drone-like goodness that wholeheartedly represent what Kannabinõid has become the present day.

Kannabinõid - Matus