Kaiser is a mind fuzzing trio from Finland that has the power to conjure a hot desert even in the middle of a snowstorm. Since 2013, the band has been playing slow and psychedelic heavy stoner riffs that evolve to more upbeat desert sounds.

Kaiser is definitely a warm gem in this Nordic climate. The band has powerful versatile songs that couple with vocals which remind nostalgically of Audioslave. They never stay too comfortable in one tempo or genre. Besides their signature fuzz sound, the listener can enjoy an array of intros, effects and lyrics that melt with guitars from hard rock to doom.

Their first self-titled EP Kaiser came out in 2014. Full of high octane doomy gasoline and fuzz, it feels uplifting and hypnotic at the same time. Occasional guitar solos keep the listener on their toes and the riffs have lots of variety. The band’s second album 1st sound was released in 2018. Due to the magic of Hiili Hiilesmaa and the band’s creative synergy, the album has been noticed overseas and listed as one of the top rock albums of 2018 by Vegas Rock Revolution. Compared to Kaiser, it is double the songs, tempo and ambition. Utilizing numerous effects for vocals and instruments, the sound moved away from the slower doomier sounds of the previous album and embraced a hard rock’ish vibe with lots of heavy fuzz.

Kaiser - We Bleed For This