I, Captain en


I, Captain is a stoner metal band with psychedelic influences that was formed in 2014 in Turku, Finland. They stand apart with their synthesis of stoner metal and psychedelic rock that gets mixed with mantra-like songs and pure vocals.

As the majority of the band is from a Swedish-speaking area of Finland, their songs are mostly sung in their mother tongue. Exploring their sonic capabilities, I, Captain plays music ranging from psychedelic fuzz-rock to doom metal and stoner rock. Much of their music is “mantraesque” due to the amazing synthesis of mild vocals chanting in Swedish and old school psychedelic space sounds. It is extremely rare that stoner bands use this kind of style of singing that is usually heard in Nordic folk metal bands. In this, I, Captain manages to be quite out of the ordinary in a very good way, especially when the steady parts of the song get topped off with full on guitar shredding and trippy effects.

The band’s first EP Surf the Supernova was released in 2015. The short album features fuzzy heaviness with faster tempo songs that have a clear rock n’ roll feel. Their second EP Mantras for Mindlessness (2016), as the name already hints, is a step towards their current mantraesque vibe. Their first LP Tiid is an amazing combo of before mentioned psychedelia, doom and stoner, managing to be both subtle and aggressive by cranking up the metal in just the right ways.

I, Captain - Mantra