The festival is held on the grounds of Ranna resort, is located on the shore of Lake Peipus in South-East Estonia. The roads are in fine condition and easily accessible by car.


When approaching the festival from the south, the shortest way is through Tartu. Follow A2, A3 and Jõhvi–Tartu–Valga/E264 to Aovere-Kallaste-Omedu/Route 43 in Tartu County, Estonia. Follow Aovere-Kallaste-Omedu/Route 43 until there is a sign to turn right to the festival.


After about 600 meters turn right again and you will shortly arrive at the camping site.  



When approaching the festival from the north, there are several options to plan your trip. Most of the shorter main routes arrive at Mustvee from where you must take the Jõhvi–Tartu–Valga/E264 to Aovere-Kallaste-Omedu/Route 43. Next to the Ranna bus stop on Route 43 there will be a sign pointing left.


Very soon you will arrive at a junction where you must turn left. This is because the straight path through the ruins of Ranna manor is closed.


You will then arrive at another junction where you must turn right.


After 200 meters turn left and you will arrive at the campsite.



Bus to Skeneraator! Bussilla Skeneraatoriin!

Travel to Skeneraator Festival comfortably and easy with a direct bus from Tallinn! Arrival to the festival on Friday in time for the music, and departure on Sunday. Market stop included on the way to the festival, so no need to carry your booze/beer/food/whatever around!

Book your ticket NOW to make sure you get there!


Friday, 16th of August departure at 15:00 Tallinn (Sadama) -> Skeneraator

Sunday, 18th of August departure at 14:00 Skeneraator -> Tallinn (Sadama)

* the departure times may change

Price: 20€ return (Tallinn - Skeneraator - Tallinn)

PORO OFFER! Bus ticket+festival ticket 50€ if you come to the Festival from Finland.

How to book your ride: Send an e-mail to sini.pippuri(a) with subject “Bus to Skeneraator”. In the message write how many seats you’d like to book and name for the booking and you’ll get the confirmation and payment instructions with reply.

OBS! BINDING SIGN UPS & PAYMENT by July 28th! We detain the right to cancel the trip if we don’t have enough signs ups by that date, in which case we’ll refund the whole fare to those who’ve already paid.

Let us now you’re interested in the bus ride by attending this: Event

In case of any questions, you can write to Sini or us at info(at)

See you in August!

There are two options to travel by public transport to the festival

The first option is to arrive at Ranna bus stop from where you must walk about 800 meters to the campsite.

Bus schedules:





The second option is to take the bus from Tartu to Kallaste. Our special shuttle will be waiting to take you to the festival for a 1 euro fee. In order to use this service, please send us your names and time of arrival either as a PM to our Facebook page or to info[at]

Bus schedules:



NB! NB! We recommend taking a train from Tallinn to Tartu and then proceeding to Kallaste by bus. This way you will have more flexibility in planning your trip.




Bring your tent and warm spare clothes. August nights in Estonia can get quite chilly.

There will be free drinking water at the festival site, so no need to worry about bringing your own.

In case of nice weather, Lake Peipus is perfect for swimming.

There will be a sauna available during the day.

If possible, use eco-friendly soap and toothpaste; going full crust is also recommended.

There will be a designated grilling area and a bonfire.

First aid will be provided by trained staff.

We only accept cash on the festival grounds. Make sure you have enough!

The nearest ATMs are at:

Mustvee Konsum (SEB and Swedbank)

Jõgeva Säästumarket (SEB)

Mustvee Circle K (Swedbank)

Jõgeva Selver (Swedbank)

Jõgeva SEB kontor

Jõgeva Swedbank office

Local vendors will make sure that there will be plenty of options to fill your stomach – both for vegans and meat eaters.

There is no separation between the festival and camping area, so bringing your own drinks is allowed at the festival! (Glass containers are forbidden!)

Guests are allowed on the festival grounds with a wristband that they will get in exchange for their ticket.

Guests are only allowed to hang out at the designated festival area.

Trash (like cigarette buds) should find their way to the trash cans.

No pets allowed.

No hazardous items or chemicals like weapons (that includes hunting knives and the kind) glass containers, fireworks or other explosive materials.

f the need arises, our staff will perform a full security check. Our security team and organizers have a right to deny guests passage to the festival area, if they do not comply to the full check.

Making a fire is only allowed in designated areas under supervision.

Vandalizing, theft and attacking fellow guests will be reported to the police.

Guests do not have the permission for independent business transactions on the festival grounds without possessing a written permit from the organizers.

No throwing objects onto the stage or at the performers.

Camping and trespassing on private land near the festival area is prohibited.

No swimming under influence.

Guests will be escorted away from the event if they are hostile towards other guests or the staff or disrupt the event in any other way. Once removed from the grounds due to disturbing the event, there will be no refunds.