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In order to characterize Estoner, we must first establish which creative period of the soon 10 year old band are we talking about. The current Estoner, or more like Estoner 4, is a cross-genre mixture of stoner metal, psychedelic and extreme metal elements. Though retaining a proportion of their previous more psychedelic sounds and heavily echoed vocals, the band has firmly established that they have transitioned to darker soundscapes.

Their music keeps transitioning to new territories. Always going forward, they aim to reinvent their sound with each passing album. Atmospheric riffs that instantly fill the room are Estoner’s trademark. The heavily echoed and “embedded” vocals range from harsh to soft without becoming too prominent and sounding more like another instrument than being on the forefront of the tracks.

Estoner has released two full length albums. “The Stump Will Rise” (2012) features vocals from former frontman and band member Corey Tomlins. With a crunchy stoner rock sound and Corey’s high pitched vocals, their first album had a good balance of psychedelic riffs and sludgy heaviness. Their easily distinguishable change to doomier riffs and Estonian vocals by guitarist Kristian Vallikivi came with the album “Lennud Saatana Dimensioonis” (2016). Released under the label Golem with special visuals accompanying the full album, “Lennud Saatana Dimensioonis” features heavier sounding guitars and lots of distortion while still managing to remain lively in the process.

Estoner - Hüvasti, Kosmiline Monoliit