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This year, straight from Finland’s bible belt, Craneium will grace the Skeneraator stage. This almost a decade old band interprets their genre with peculiar originality that deserves to be listened to at least once from music lovers.

Craneium is agro! If stoner is usually warm and psychedelic, then this band is bursting with the kind of energy that would be expected of younger punk bands. This is not Sabbath-like doom or drone influenced rumbling. Craneium is completely different. Their music has desert rock elements, but during the course of their releases, it has varied with punk, melancholic rock and stoner doom, e.g. some of the newer songs have parts that remind Placebo. This band has angst and they present it with style.

Their first EP The Slowerdrive Tapes (2013) are angry and heavily influenced by punk rock. After releasing the single The Gnome, they finished their first LP Explore the Void (2015). It is much more refined and familiar stoner rock compared to the first release, but they didn’t make their music considerably warmer of softer, but kept some powerful riffs similar to noise rock acts. Their last album The Narrow Line (2018) is melancholic alt rock influenced desert music that boldly explores the boundaries of their genre.

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