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Boar is a band from Oulu playing harsh stoner doom since 2009. They bend genres and structures to present their hazy, psychedelic vision stretching from doom and stoner rock to classic rock and even harsh noise. Boar is guaranteed to be one of the heaviest bands to grace Skeneraator’s stage this summer.

After some splits and EP tapes, the band shared stages throughout Scandinavia and Europe with dozens of bands such as Conan, Weedeater and Dark Buddha Rising, to name just a few well-known names. In 2014, the band entered their Stoner Katakombs of Doom to record their first full-length album Veneficae (2015). The album literally waltzes the heavy riffs onto your eardrums while screaming with all its might. If a lightning bolt should abruptly descend from the sky while listening we wouldn’t be that surprised.

The new album Poseidon was recorded by Tom Brookes at Tone Haven Studios and will be out in June 2018.

Boar - Sand