Skeneraator (a wordplay meaning “scene generator”) is the first music festival in Estonia to focus on genres that one would typically hear at different desert fests around the world. With an emphasis on psychedelic rock, stoner and doom metal, our aim is to strengthen the bonds between heavier alternative music scenes across the Baltic states and Finland. Skeneraator tends to differ from other similar festivals by offering darker and deeper melodies and a Nordic atmosphere.

It began with the DIY Punk in Tartu community who, step by step, grew large enough to sustain a steady scene. This allowed to organise the first Skeneraator in the summer of 2016 which was initially a collaboration with Tartu’s independent radio station Generaadio and Vikerruum – a series of rainbow discos held multiple times per year. The two stage set-up featured bands ranging from electro-punk to stoner-doom. Since then Skeneraator has put more emphasis on stoner music.

A series of concerts named Prophets began in the autumn of 2016. It was created to further promote and build the scene for the music that took the stage in Skeneraator. Prophets is held multiple times during the colder seasons and features bands both from Estonia and abroad.

We wish to keep Skeneraator as laid back, intimate and DIY as possible. There are no rigid divisive lines between the performers and the rest of the guests. Our guiding ethic is Do It Yourself. Steering clear of sponsors, our festival is self-financed and independent resulting in a music festival free from advertising and corporate noise. A sincere wish to give people a reason to come together and listen to good music in the beautiful outdoors is the main driving force behind Skeneraator festival made possible by relentless volunteer work.

Skeneraator’s home is located in the beautiful Ranna resort on the wide and sandy shore of Lake Peipus. The same area is also home to the Old Believers – a long forgotten branch of East Orthodox Christians who resisted the reforms of Patriarch Nikon of Moscow in the 17th century and fled, among other places, to the Lake Peipus area in Estonia. You can get acquainted with their unique culture when visiting the Museum of Samovars and Old Believers and Kolkja Museum near the festival area or just by driving along the shore line.

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