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Deep Space Destructors are a psychedelic space rock band from Finland, founded at the beginning of 2011 in Oulu. Jani Pitkänen (bass), Petri Lassila (guitars) and Markus Pitkänen (drums) are living out their mutual love for the 60's and 70's progressive, kraut and psychedelic rock.

Currently at their softest and trippiest sound, Deep Space destructors have great variety when it comes to their albums. The band’s early tunes have very noticeable stoner/doom influences made interesting with existential lyrics and psychedelic effects. They have managed to find a rare balance where both the demanding krautrock fan and seasoned metal head should find themselves equally satisfied.

While touring and promoting their fifth album Psychedelogy released in 2017, Deep Space Destructors have stated that they have already been working on new material. This gives hope that the band will continue with their much-welcomed trend of producing EP length well thought-out albums. Their previous albums are named I (2012), II (2012) III (2014), and Spring Break From Space (2015) – each a little gem in their own right.

Deep Space Destructors - Return To The Black Star